How To Use Aloe Vera for Hair Loss

fresh aloe vera

Before going for expensive remedies to treat your hair loss problem, try this inexpensive herb – Aloe Vera that may grow in your backyard.

Aloe Vera is known for treating skin irritations and burns, but it’s also a perfect remedy for stopping hair loss and helping promote hair growth.

Scalp and conditions that affect the scalp benefit the most from this herb. Hence, understanding main scalp conditions will help understand how Aloe Vera deals with these conditions.

  • Dandruff makes the scalp irritated and itchy. It’s a condition where dead skin cells exfoliate at a much faster and higher rate than normal. Those cells build up on the scalp which leads to the creation of patches of dead skin. Chemicals in shampoos and conditioners cause further irritation of the scalp.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition similar to dandruff, but scalp is much more irritated. There is natural oil called sebum that keeps the scalp moisturized and prevents dryness. However, overproduction of sebum buildup makes the scalp oily. This can be a physiological condition, but seborrheic dermatitis can be also caused by stress or yeast infections. Hair follicles become swollen, the scalp becomes itchy and red.

These conditions clog pores and irritate follicles, affecting hair growth and making hair weaker. But not only oily scalp, dry scalp causes hair loss as well. Symptoms are similar to other conditions, but hair also becomes weak and fall out.

Aloe Vera can solve these problems by returning hair follicles to their healthy state.

Healing properties of Aloe Vera

Sliced aloe vera plantThe main component of Aloe Vera is choline salicylate, which is an anti-inflammatory substance.

It’s especially effective in conditions mentioned above since it reduces pain, irritations and swelling. Another component is Mucopolysaccharides which is rich in chondroitin sulfate.

It can heal wounds and different scalp conditions.

According to the Spanish study “Effect of Mucopolysaccharides On Hair Growth In Rabbits (1)”, mucopolysaccharides also has moisturizing properties and improve blood circulation, which are necessary aspects for healthy hair.

Another substance is choline, a natural nutrient with even better moisturizing properties. Proper moisture levels eliminate itching and dryness, which relieves irritation and swelling.

Once applied, aloe needs around 40 minutes to provide beneficial effects to the scalp. Aloe Vera is a barrier that prevents further irritation.

Types of Aloe Vera treatments

There are different shampoos on the market with high aloe content that claim to give you healthy hair, but Aloe Vera shampoo can only cleanse hear more gently than others.

Shampoos are quickly rinsed away and can’t promote hair growth or healing activity, except for my homemade aloe vera shampoo for hair loss.

Conditioners will help more than shampoos if you massage them in and left on the scalp for half an hour, but scientists suggest to apply Aloe Vera alone and leave it on long enough to dry before rinsed.

Aloe Vera oil is a much stronger alternative to shampoos and conditioners that help to have healthy hair. If you have a greasy scalp which is a reason for hair loss, it may seem wrong to apply more oil to it, but Aloe Vera oil does the trick.

The liquid gel inside the aloe plant

(Learn how to effectively remove DHT from your scalp.)

It can be applied like a conditioner during your shower and then left on it for some time (even overnight, if you want) to ensure that oil sinks into the scalp and your hair receive all benefits of aloe.

And if you need a professional tip when it comes to using Aloe Vera or other oils, try heating it before use.

Heated oils open up the pores of your scalp and hair, allowing you to clean them more effectively. When pores are cleaned of gunk, your hair follicles would be able to grow better.

How long will it take to work?

It will take time to see first results. Aloe Vera doesn’t work overnight but shows incredible results with consistent use. You will mention noticeable relief of scalp symptoms within two or three weeks.

Hair loss will be reduced within a couple of months, and by then you will also see hair growth. Soothing and healing properties of Aloe Vera will help deal with scalp irritation as well when used regularly.

However, it’s also important to understand the causes of your scalp conditions, such as infection, stress or poor nutrition, and to treat these conditions directly.

With a healthier scalp, hair loss will slow and hair follicles will return to normal conduction. Using products with Aloe Vera in a combination with making lifestyle changes will speed up how fast you get healthy hair.

Homemade or Store-bought Aloe Vera treatment?

Squeezed aloe vera plant ready to be used on the scalp for hair lossMassaging pure Aloe Vera gel into your scalp is your best bet, as it is not weighted down by artificial ingredients that store-bought products have.

Getting pure Aloe Vera gel or pure powder capsules from your local health food store will offer the greatest convenience unless you have plenty of plants for harvesting.

The awesome Aloe Vera hair growth mask is the one with coconut oil and honey. Take 5 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix it with two tablespoons of honey.

Apply this to your scalp and keep it for an hour, then rinse with your regular shampoo.

Other options include mixing Aloe Vera gel with your favorite conditioner or shampoo. It may lessen the effect of aloe, but high-quality shampoo mixed with it is a great remedy to treat hair loss.

You can also add wheat germ oil to get additional benefits in moisturizing and soothing the scalp.

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