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About Aloe Vera Westcoast™

Aloe Vera Westcoast guarantees that our drinking gel, powder capsules, cream and soap is produced from the genuine Aloe Vera plant (the True Aloe) in South Africa.

Aloe Vera Westcoast™ guarantees that our drinking gel is harvested, sanitized, bottled and stabilised within the critical 3 hour window period.

Aloe Vera Westcoast™ guarantees that our capsules are 100% pure Aloe Vera powder and drinking gel is 99.5% pure Aloe Vera juice with no colourants, flavourants or water added. 0.5% is a necessary stabilizer to maintain freshness.

Aloe Vera Westcoast is grown and manufactured in South Africa.

Aloe Vera Westcoast offers the freshest, potent and pure Aloe Vera available to the South African market.

Aloe Vera Westcoast™ does not subscribe to creative marketing. Big volume, low price and worthless additives usually means very little or no benefits. The Aloe Vera council in U.S.A certifies products with concentrate as low as 10% of volume.

Our name is our guarantee for maximum health benefits!

Beware of imitations!


Stuff We Do Best

Pure Organic Aloe Vera

Pure genuine Aloe Vera (the True Aloe) grown, produced and manufactured in South Africa.

Fast Delivery Services

Efficient delivery in South Africa and options for overseas delivery


Attractive and user friendly packaging