The Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera

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Many people already know the benefits of using Aloe Vera cream on their skin: soothing minor burns, moisturizing the skin, and calming inflammation to name a few.

A growing number of people have begun talking about the benefits of drinking Aloe Vera liquid. And they’re not alone. Multiple scientific studies suggest that Aloe Vera can aid in digestion, in addition to other health benefits.

Health Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice has been shown to improve gastrointestinal symptoms, like reflux, bloating, and painful bowel movements.

A study compared people using Aloe Vera syrup versus traditional medications for gastric reflux disease, otherwise referred to as heartburn. They found that Aloe Vera was safe, well-tolerated, and reduced the frequencies of symptoms associated with reflux.

Another study examined 44 patients with Ulcerative Colitis. Those patients were given Aloe Vera gel or placebo gel. They found that 47% of the patients given Aloe Vera gel had clinical remission of their symptoms, compared to 14% who received the placebo.

Some people hope that because Aloe Vera has helped with inflammatory bowel disease that it will help with other digestive issues, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Unfortunately, Aloe Vera juice has not been shown to alleviate symptoms in people suffering from IBS.

Lastly, Aloe Vera may help people with diabetes. A study found that Aloe vera juice significantly reduced levels of fasting blood glucose within two weeks in people with diabetes. They also found that the juice reduced triglycerides within 4 weeks. With these findings, Aloe vera juice could be a welcome addition to diabetic diets.

Aloe Latex as a Laxative

Aloe latex is slightly different from Aloe Vera gel. Aloe latex is the juice that comes from just under the skin of the plant. It’s yellow, different from the clear gel in the center of the leaves.

It can act as a potent laxative. Its long-term effects have not been studied, so it hasn’t been approved by some government agencies as a laxative. However, it can be found as a nutritional supplement with these properties.

Myths of Drinking Aloe Juice

Myth #1 Drinking Aloe juice will make your blood more basic.

There is a myth in some wellness circles that there are acid- and alkaline-forming foods that can change your health. However, there are no studies that even test, let alone validate, this theory. The body has many mechanisms to protect the delicate pH balance of the blood. It’s unlikely that eating specific foods in normal quantities would change the pH of the blood.

Myth #2 Aloe juice will detoxify your body.

Another popular myth is that certain foods can “detoxify” the body. The body already has organs whose sole purpose is detoxification, like the kidneys and the liver. Toxins don’t build up in the body or in these organs, so eating certain foods to “detoxify” doesn’t make any sense.


Aloe Vera has many benefits. While many people already know about the benefits of using Aloe Vera on their skin, more and more people are recognizing the digestive benefits it has. From relieving symptoms of gastric reflux to improving blood sugar in diabetic patients, Aloe Vera can help you achieve your health goals.

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