Healthy juice made from Aloe Vera

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juice made from Aloe Vera

Whenever you see an Aloe Vera plant; you can recall your grandparent’s words that this is a magical plant, which can do a lot for you and your health! Possibly you have never tried it just because of its taste.

That is why; today I have brought some tasty and juicy drinks made from Aloe Vera gel that I am sure, you are going to love. These are some very simple methods that you can do yourself and are very easy too.

Juice no. 1:

  • For this, you will need the following ingredients; fresh aloe vera leaves, any citrus juice and also white vinegar and sugar.
  •  Then, carefully peel out the leaves using a sharp knife and remove the yellow layer covering from it. You can also remove the yellow layer by using vinegar and using the clean gel from it.
  • A blender is recommended to mix your choice of citrus juice like lemon, pineapple, or orange juice then adding some sugar, if you wish. Put it in refrigerator for a while and your cool Aloe Vera juice is ready to be consumed.

Juice no. 2:

  • If you do not want citrus-based juice, then try some sweet Aloe Vera juice made with honey. In this you will require; Aloe Vera leaves, water, vinegar and honey. These juices without doubt are one of the best Aloe Vera juices to consume.
  • Repeat the same process of taking out gel from the leaves and then blend it. Then add honey and water and mix it well. Keep it in fridge for some time to cool and then your sweet drink is ready.

Both the juices I have mentioned are not only tasty, but are also very healthy and give multitudes of benefits for your health!

Now you can see that it’s not very difficult to make an Aloe Vera drink, with no bitter taste. Hence, now you can easily make it at your home!

juice made from Aloe Vera


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