Derek Whitehead

Sunburn “I took part in a 6 hour triathlon in 30degree heat, where I ended up getting very bad sunburn! The next few days it got worse, really uncomfortable and I started getting blisters on my neck and shoulders. I was advised to try Aloe Vera Westcoast cream. After...
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Jürgen & Roswitha Flormann

Aloe Vera Westcoast and Lupus “As far as the effect of the Aloe Vera Westcoast™ to my wife is concerned we have to separate two things:The effect to her problems with Lupus are difficult to judge, as she has to take very strong medicine against this illness every day....
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Melvin Scallard

Aloe Vera Westcoast and Gout “I take the Aloe Vera Westcoast capsules for my gout every day.I find taking 2 capsules a day makes my symptoms and pain dissppear. It is really great – and it works to reduce my symtoms with gout!”  10/17/2011
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Birgit Davies

Aloe Vera to help TBI “My daughter had an accident with traumatic brain injury. Her language centers were affected, she could not speak, read or write. She received intensive rehab therapies and I gave her supplements. She got 2 tablets Aloe Vera every morning and two every evening for...
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