Aloe Vera Westcoast 100% powder capsules

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100% Pure Aloe Vera

  • Helps to reduce physical fatigue and tiredness!
  • Good for normal gastrointestinal function!
  • Aids digestion!
  • Helps balance pH levels!
  • Helps reduce inflammation – arthritis!
  • Complete Immune System booster, enhancing endurance and muscle performance!



  • Maintenance dosage ­1 capsule per day
  • Immune boost dosage ­2 capsules per day (morning & evening)

Ingredient Listing

  • 100% pure inner leaf Aloe Barbadensis powder capsules
  • Sun-dried whole leaf, milled and radiated
  • 60 powder capsules (per container)
  • No chemicals or preservatives are added
  • Each capsule = 650 milligrams pure Aloe Vera powder
  • Contains the highest level of polysaccharides (14 .9%) from Aloe Vera inner leaf
  • Grown and manufactured in South Africa
  • Shelf Life = 2 years if unopened and stored under recommended conditions.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm

3 reviews for Aloe Vera Westcoast 100% powder capsules

  1. Melvin Scallard

    I take the Aloe Vera Westcoast capsules for my gout every day. I find taking 2 capsules a day makes my symptoms and pain disappear! It is really great – and it works to reduce my symptoms with gout!

  2. Jürgen & Roswitha Flormann

    As far as the effect of the Aloe Vera Westcoast to my wife is concerned, we have to separate two things: The effect to her problems with Lupus are difficult to judge, as she has to take very strong medicine against this illness every day. Without this medicine she could not take the pain. What she nowadays says is that since the time she started with the Aloe Vera Westcoast (parallel to her medicine) the typical Lupus pain which comes and goes in kind of waves/intervals, distances between attacks seem to get longer. Also she is under the impression that intensity of those pain attacks are not as severe as before, means somehow a bit less in pain. As far as her energy is concerned we both, my wife and myself, are of the same opinion: Aloe Vera Westcoast is doing a very good job to her. Recently it happened that she was out of ´her stuff´ for a few days and re-started only after almost a week. You could clearly see her weakness and after starting again how much better she was within just two days. Our main concern now is that we can get the Aloe Vera Westcoast as often as we need it from RSA and this for long time to come. Thank you very much for all your help and assistance from my wife and myself!

  3. Birgit Davies

    My daughter had an accident with traumatic brain injury. Her language centers were affected, she could not speak, read or write. She received intensive rehab therapies and I gave her supplements. She’s been taking 2 tablets Aloe Vera every morning and two every evening for the last 6 months. She has improved a lot, to the point that she could go back to school 2 weeks ago! She will carry on taking Aloe Vera as it is helping with her healing further.

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